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Art traces it root back in the biblical times where people used it as form of communication. It is characterized by sculpture, painting printing and photography. Entertainment on the other hand involves holding attention of the audience through drama, music, storytelling and drama. They use to paint rock, and cave painting. The countries which are known to have large history of the arts include Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece Persia, India and China.

What are uses arts

a) Act as a social use. It can be used to raise awareness of human trafficking, autism and ocean conservation.

b) Act as social entertainment through bring a particular mood for purpose of relaxing.

c) It is used as form of communication where people express they emotion, moods and feelings.

d) It has been used to raise questions of social aspects without any specific political goal.

e)It can be used to bring political change to use of visual images.

f) Has been used to erase cultural differences to produce a new universal values.

Entertainment has various form it can be pass from one person to another

1) Games. It is can be online or offline, non players or audience wt on providing players with entertainment around the world.

2) Reading. It is where the individual is able to gather information from a give written material.

3)Comedy. This is the process were people gather to watch someone while performing to them .

4) Cinema and film People go to watch movies in large room created for that purpose.

5) Story telling. This is the individual is specialized in passing knowledge through creating a story and passing it .Normally it was done by grandparents telling their grandchildren at night.

6) Music. This is where the individual the singer entertains people through the songs normally in a large gathering of people.

Arts and entertainment have change from the old days were people nowadays are taking them as professions courses and source of life hood to people.